Engine Analyzer

Engine Analyzer computer simulation lets you "dyno test" late model, alcohol sprint car, restrictor plate, claimer, crate, NASCAR, quarter midget, Briggs, or most any other 4 stroke motor you can think of. Automatically find the best cam specs, port volume, and runner and header dimensions. Modify up to 78 specs for base engine, intake & exhaust systems, cam, supercharger & operating conditions.
Results display 21 different calculated results for up to 10 RPMs of your choosing, plus 28 engine calculations like idle vacuum, clearance volume, cam lobe area, etc. Outputs data to screen or printer as either reports, computer files or graphs. Comes with 83 example engine files, and hundreds of built in example cams, heads, carbs, etc. or build your own engines and components. Program and 280 page manual comes on CD.
Product Number: C189
Media: Software
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