Bob Harris’ Stock Car Race Tech Workshop

By: Bob Harris
8 hours of winning chassis, setup and adjustment information put onto 4 DVD's. Watch and learn from the experts! This information was filmed at a chassis seminar in late 2005. Topics presented include:
  • Maintenance & preparation
  • Developing a basic setup
  • Front suspension: Roll center, camber, caster, caster split, toe out, bump steer
  • Rear suspension: Roll steer, stock 4-link, 3-link, Z-link, pinion angle
  • Panhard bars & torque links
  • Springs, spring split
  • Shocks: function, chassis tuning
  • Tire break-in, air pressure, stagger, contact patch, tire maintenance
  • Ballast placement & weight distribution
  • Tuning at the track
This is critical information that gives you the winning edge! Each DVD disc is divided into individual chapters so it is easy to find and watch the segments you want. Important points are highlighted in text and graphics on the screen to reinforce important information. Review this seminar time after time and keep learning more every time to help you visit Victory Lane! Includes an 82-page Workbook. DVD format only.
Product Number: V307
Media: Video
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