Stock Car Chassis Performance Handling Basics

By: Steve Smith
This book helps the racer understand the fundamentals of race car setup and suspension function to make chassis tuning easier. Includes:
  • Weight transfer functions
  • The effects of spring rates on handling
  • Oversteer and understeer
  • Weight jacking
  • Cross weight
  • Proper suspension geometry
  • Roll couple
  • Front and rear roll centers
  • Tire slip angles
  • Camber curves
  • Bump steer
  • Shock absorbers
It also includes an overview of the chassis adjustment tools available to change a car's handling balance: stagger, spring rates, shocks, cross weight, tire pressure, toe-out, brake bias, and wheel offset.

NOTE: This book replaces our item #S101, Stock Car Racing Chassis: Design, Theory, Construction.

Product Number: S301
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