Bob Harris' Modified Race Tech Setup DVD

By: Bob Harris
This DVD explains Modified chassis set up using a 2006 Harris Modified Chassis. It walks you through the set up procedures and explains the 15 steps to setting up your modified race car. Explains:
  • How to set front end alignment including caster, camber, toe, and bump steer
  • How to check ride heights, set the rear end alignment, pinion angle, and check your weight balance
  • Uses a tail section display to give a visual idea of roll steer and how changing the rear trailing arm angles (either 4-link or Z link) affect how the rear end steers
  • Also shows how to adjust the upper torque link and the J-bar
This DVD will give you an excellent baseline and correct procedure to follow when setting up your race car. Races are won at home in the garage! Knowing where you are before you get to the track helps you make the right adjustments at the track! Start your season off right. Place your order now! (1 DVD)
Product Number: V308
Media: Video
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