Race Car Simulator-2

Easy to use! A chassis program which shows the effect of a chassis change and why the handling changes. Experiment with your chassis set-up and driving techniques. The Race Car Simulator determines the traction available at each tire and shows how the car will handle. You can see how the handling of the car changes as you brake, corner, or add throttle.
  • You specify spring rates, anti-roll bars, corner weights, roll center heights, brake balance, and even aerodynamic forces (optional).
  • The program calculates dynamic weight transfer and shows how the car will handle in the middle of a turn, and at corner entry and exit.
  • Results are shown in numerical form and in informative graphs.
  • A complete testing session on your computer!
  • Useful for any independent front or all-independent suspension car racing on an oval or road course. Comes with complete instruction book.

    Windows format on CD-ROM.

Product Number: C247
Media: Software
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