Race Driving Simulator

This computer program teaches competitors how to choose a proper racing line based on the traction circle and apply variations to solve tactical problems. A car specified by the user runs the various lines generated, computing split times for instant comparison. Learn:
  • When to apex early or late and when to use a diamond line
  • The trade-off between mid-turn speed and getting to the throttle
  • When to sacrifice speed to get to the throttle sooner
  • When to maximize speed at the expense of early throttle
  • How to alter your line to pass an equal car
  • How to setup a repass
  • When exit speed is over-rated
Learn how the car's capabilities -- power, cornering, braking -- relate to racing line choice. The Simulator may surprise you and debunk a few myths. The combinations of driving lines, braking points and throttle application are infinite with this program. You can define a track sector, which includes the braking area, the turn (including turn radius and track width), and the exit. This program allows you to pick the decision points for braking, turn in and throttle application. Compare the resulting lines for time and speed, with a plot of speed and G forces for any point in the turn. It also shows the driver controls of brake, throttle and steering wheel position.

Warning: The Race Driving Simulator is a teaching tool for the serious racer, not a hand-eye coordination game. The program includes substantial built-in help pages.

Windows format on CD-ROM.

Product Number: C293
Media: Software
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