Kart Chassis Setup Technology

By: Steve Smith
Gives you comprehensive details on chassis setup and teaches you the easiest and best way to prepare your kart for competition. Includes:
  • Understanding a kart chassis -- how torsional flex influences handling
  • Chassis & handling dynamics -- what affects handling and weight transfer
  • Front end geometry -- the principles of caster, camber, toe, Ackerman, steering axis and scrub radius, and how they affect kart handling
  • Chassis baseline setup -- kart scaling and weight distribution, and proper seat positioning
  • Tires -- theory, use, compounds, pressures, reading tires
  • Track tuning and adjustment -- dialing in the chassis at the track
  • Dirt track setup and adjustments -- weight distribution, cross weight, stagger, chassis adjustments for wet, tacky and dry slick tracks
Whether you race 2 cycle or 4, sprint or oval, asphalt or dirt, this book will help you maximize your kart's handling and performance.
Product Number: S287
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